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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artist of the Week

Hey everybody, just dropping a note. Starting tomorrow I'm going to be featuring an Artist of the Week. There will be at least one video of the artist's each day. If you have requests or suggestions, please comment below. Not sure yet who I'm starting with, so it'll be a surprise.

Because the 80's were full of one hit wonders, there will be weeks where one hit wonders are featured. There will also be weeks where we have specialty categories for artists who may not be able to fill out a whole week's worth of good hits. These categories may include women of 80's music, new wave of the 80's, etc... I believe you get the point.

I will also start trying to mix in an '80's Movie of the Week. I will give a full synopsis and review. Then maybe you guys can go out and rent it that week and will discuss at the end of the week.

I'll be trying to get a post up tonight. Be watching for it. Don't forget to press the "FOLLOW" button in the side column. Don't forget to pass the blog on to others. Don't forget the links to other blogs in the side column. And most importantly, don't forget to not forget.

I'll be typing at ya later
Bob the Blogger