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Back to the '80's: Artist of the Week - Air Supply

Monday, July 27, 2009

Artist of the Week - Air Supply

The Greg Kihn Band said it best when they said "They don't write 'em like that anymore." Air Supply's music proves that theory. They don't make love songs like these guys sang anymore. That's a shame.

Air Supply was the masters of being able to induce that lump in your throat. If you was in love in the 80's, Air Supply was required listening. I know a lot of people might kind of talk about them in cheesy terms now, but back then Air Supply was extremely popular. You don't have 7 straight top 5 hits without being popular and selling a ton of records. So all the people who roll their eyes at Air Supply today may want to lug out their old box of records and cassettes and check and see just how many Air Supply recordings they owned, because somebody was buying them.

I hope you all don't get too melancholy during the course of this week while listening to what may be the greatest ballad band of all time. Enjoy!!!

I'll be typin' at ya later,
Bob the Blogger