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Back to the '80's: Top 10 80's Songs With Female Names In Title

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top 10 80's Songs With Female Names In Title

This was an extremely easy list to compile. The hard part was, after compiling about 30 different songs, cutting it down to 10. I probably spent 10 times as long cutting it down as I did everything else.

I know a lot of people may say "Hey, you forgot one!", after reading the list. The one people will think I forgot was My Sharona by The Knack, but it actually missed the 80's by a year, as did The Police with Roxanne. Great songs though.

Anyway, here we go with the countdown. I hope you like it.

Little Jeannie by Elton John

Elton John kicked off the 80's with this great #3 pop song and #1 adult contemporary song in 1980. After having a huge decade in the 70's Elton was showing no let up to start the 80's. He went on to have another huge decade and he's still going strong today. Great song.

Gloria by Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan had a big #2 hit with this song in 1982. Sadly, Laura died in 2004 at the age of 47 from a brain aneurysm.

Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys

"Giddy up ahoom papa hoom papa mow mow." Who didn't know this song by heart back in 1981?

The Oak Ridge Boys had a huge crossover hit with this #1 country song that reached #5 on the pop charts, as well.

Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry

Steve Perry took a little hiatus from Journey in 1984 and released Oh Sherrie off his solo album. The song hit #3 on the pop charts and #1 on the rock charts.

The song was about his girlfriend at the time and yes that is her in the video.

Mary's Prayer by Danny Wilson

In 1986 this song made me wish I had a girlfriend named Mary. I loved this song.

Danny Wilson was not the name of one person, but was actually the name of the band. They took their name from a 1952 Frank Sinatra movie called Meet Danny Wilson.

Amanda by Boston

Boston was one of the rare bands who did not make music videos. Somebody on YouTube done one hell of a job of putting this one together for our viewing pleasure, though.

This was an absolutely huge hit for Boston back in 1986. It hit #1 across the board. I loved the song so much, for years I used to swear I'd name my 1st daughter Amanda. The novelty of the name wore off, though, and I didn't.


This song is to blame for not being able to use anything except for 555 numbers in movies, television and videos. People with this number around the country had to change it because of the constant calls after this song hit the charts at #4 in 1982.

It's still pretty hard today to go into a public bathroom without seeing this number on a wall with the name Jenny next to it.

Rosanna by Toto

There's a lot of good trivia about this song and video. Let's start with the name of the song. Rosanna Arquette was in a relationship with the band's keyboard player Steve Porcaro and the song was written about her.

The girl in the video is Cynthia Rhodes, who you might recognize as John Travolta's co-star in Staying Alive, or you might remember her from Dirty Dancing, or possibly as Tina Tech in Flashdance, or how 'bout later when she was singing with the group Animotion. If you can't recall her from any of those maybe you might recognize her as the wife of Richard Marx.

Also if you look closely in the video you will recognize a young Patrick Swayze as the leader of one of the gangs.

This song was a #2 hit in 1982.

Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners

From the first sound of the fiddle that starts the song off, everybody gets ready to sing along to this great #1 hit from 1982.

This song has the distinction of being the song which knocked Michael Jackson's Billie Jean out of the #1 spot. It stayed there exactly 1 week and was subsequently knocked off by Michael Jackson's Beat It. That's how huge this song was.

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Speaking of Michael Jackson and Billie Jean...

This was the 1st #1 hit off the Thriller album. This song caused the album to take off, become galactic and not come down. It is surely deserved of the #1 spot on this list.

Well I hope you enjoyed the list. I'm sure, as usual, there are some I missed. If you can think of some you thought should have been on the list, post it in the comment section below.

I'll be typin' at ya later,
Bob the Blogger